Publication Design


Publication Design Services

From conceptual development and design to project management and production, we ensure your publication is properly executed. Our team’s extensive experience in the design and print industry allows us to design and produce high quality printed publications for a wide range of audience. Over the years, we have produced publications like books, newsletters, magazines and annual reports.

True be told, publication design is never a smooth sailing process. During the publication design process, common issues that emerge are last minute editorial change and tight schedules. But our extensive publication design experience can guide you around these problems and ensure that your project is professionally finished and delivered on time.

Failure to understand about the technical and creative aspect of publication design can also lead to bad execution of your publication project. Minor details like the grid and alignment of every page, font size of your chapter titles, headings and sub-headings etc are carefully observed to make sure we delivered a well-crafted publication.

Other than design and production, we can deliver editorial content and advertisement design for your publication if required. With the widespread uses of tablets and wireless internet connection, it is common for people to access online content on different devices. We are also capable of transforming your print publication into an online publication, readily accessible anywhere as long as there is internet connection.

Be it the design of cover or the entire publication, we’re the professionals you are looking for. If your existing publication faces some design problems, our team can redesign and give it a new and refreshing look. Contact our graphic designer and find out more about our publication design services.