Advertisement Design


Advertisement Design Services

Advertisement design is about promoting your brand, products and services through visual communications. The purpose of your print advertisement can be for the following reasons:

  • Introducing a new product or service.
  • Communicating a change in the existing product or service
  • Increasing the sales of the product or service.
  • Creating and maintaining a brand identity.

When you advertise, you want your advertisement to deliver your message and attract your target audience’s attention. At Orgnix Creatives, our following work flow ensures that we design clear and effective print advertisement for you:

Your Audience

The main purpose of your advertisement is to sell or convey your message to your target audience and move them to action. When designing your print advertisement, we start with understanding your objective, your business, product and/or services as well as your target audience. This would allow us to decide on the design and tone of your advertisement and making sure the final ad design meets your goal.

Design Matters

With little space on your print advertisement, how do you get your reader’s attention? We observe a few design principles. Firstly, as a guide, we use only one or two fonts in our advertisement design. Having too many typefaces distract your audience and make your print advertisement difficult to read.

Secondly, an important element in print advertisement is balance and this doesn’t mean aligning everything in your print ad to the center. In designing an advertisement, we create balance in your ad by placing important elements such as graphics, types and logos in such a way that your ad flows well.

Thirdly, although space is at a premium for any print advertisement, it is essential to have empty space. Empty space makes your advertising message clear and easily understood.


Print advertisements with interesting and large graphics or illustrations get attention more often than ads with only text. As a general rule but not necessary a must, the graphics used on the print advertisement should take up at least a quarter of your ad space and up.

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