Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website Design Services

Due to faster mobile broadband and affordable date service, consumers are spending more time on their mobile devices. Mobile web usage in recent years has increased to the point where businesses can no longer ignore.

Your website definitely can be accessed by any mobile device with a browser but that doesn’t mean it is mobile-friendly. It is likely that accessing your website on a mobile device is a difficult experience. If your website is not optimized for mobile devices, loading time is long, the type on your page is small and navigating around the site is uneasy. If you have flash on your site, it’s not going to appear on an iPhone or iPad.

Mobile website or mobile app

At this point, you might be deciding between a mobile app and a mobile website. The deciding factor depends on your business objective, the nature of your business/content and how your target audience searches for them. For example, most users are going to search the mobile web when they want to search for any type of business in their location while for specific content, a mobile app would make more sense. But in today mobile context, a mobile website is a must for most businesses.

You can go to our mobile app development section for more information.

Your customers are mobile

Mobile websites are tailor made to the needs of your mobile users. Optimizing your website to mobile offers new ways for your business to connect with your customers. This is especially true for business-to-consumers companies. People are connecting with businesses in their local area on mobile and most likely to visit the business location after searching.

The good news is optimizing your website for mobile screen isn’t that difficult. In your mobile website design, we ensure it have the following features:

  • Fast loading speed. Users expect to get the information they want instantaneously. Keeping this is mind, we design your mobile website to load fast and your content easy to read.
  • Easy to navigate and read. With a small screen, clear navigation and easy to read is a must. Our design ensures your users find what they want easily. Our mobile website is also thumb-friendly so even large hands can easily interact with it.
  • Easy to convert your customers. What is the use of a mobile website if it can’t convert? We make it easy for users to make online purchase, get online information to aid offline purchase or contact you.
  • Searchable on local information. Consumers look for local information on their mobile devices and we include functionality for your customers to get to you.
  • Accessibility to different mobile devices. We have mobile site redirect code embedded that detect if your users are accessing from a mobile device and automatically direct them to the mobile website. The best thing is it works across all mobile devices.

To leverage on the new opportunities of mobile, contact our mobile web designer to create a user-friendly and memorable mobile online experience for your customers.