Our Crew Members

We have a great mix of talents that come in to work everyday to create wonderful and meaningful work. Here is an introduction to the key members of our team.

Tang Ho Wan

Business Manager / Creative Director

Formerly a sales and operations manager in an engineering company, Ho Wan did the unthinkable. He decided to embark on something he had no experience in. Over the years, through hard work, passion and some luck, Ho Wan has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the field of print, web, mobile and digital arts. He plays an important role in the company’s operation and creative aspects, and juggles between leading a team of multi-disciplinary talents in a vast range of projects and executing the company’s operations and business strategies. Over the years, Ho Wan is instrumental in creating a wide range of creative works, from publications and online platforms to games and animation.

Interests: Reading, travelling, history, watching NBA games and movies.


Genesis Alvarez

Senior Web Designer / Mobile App Designer

While in Dubai, Genesis had worked as a web designer, graphic designer, 3D designer and AutoCAD designer. Genesis’ greatest strength is in his versatility as a designer, with skills and knowledge in print, web and mobile. Behind his versatile characteristic is an eager to learn attitude. His adaptability allows the team to offer a wide range of web and mobile solutions to its clients. Genesis’s work spans from print and online publication to websites and mobile apps.

Interests: Photography, watching NBA games, any food that’s edible, online games, fishes, aliens, swimming, internet and mobile apps. And that’s not all. He likes to read about world and local news, as well as the history, geography and economy of different countries.


Rebecca Ooi

Senior Graphic Designer / Art Director

Rebecca possesses great visual sense, and her vast design knowledge and experience allows her to work on a wide range of projects. She loves taking dose of design inspiration from the internet daily. Judging from her wonderful work, this has definitely get her creative juices running, as her repertoire of works span from publications to marketing collaterals and advertisements to graphical user interface.

Interests: Travelling, shopping and watching movies (to get inspiration).


Lim Ken Tat

Business Executive

Graduated from Northumbiar University (UK) with second class honors degree in Marketing Management, Ken’s combination of sales and marketing skills allow him to offer practical web and mobile solutions to clients. A trustworthy and hard working individual, he would love to assist you in enhancing your web and mobile marketing strategies.

Interests: Social networking, jogging, and travelling.